Update on COVID-19 Coronavirus and the Orange County California Family Court

Posted on 03/17/20 Orange County,Uncategorized


In response to health concerns raised by the coronavirus outbreak, all Orange County court locations will be closed through Monday, June 1, 2020. The closures are a response to the unique and continuing public safety challenges presented by the coronavirus.

If you are a party to a hearing in any Orange County court location scheduled during the time period of the anticipated closure, it will be postponed and converted to a Status Conference to occur after June 1, 2020. The Clerk will mail notices advising the date and time of the status conference to the attorneys of record and self-represented parties in each case. At the status conference the Court will determine the new date of the hearing. Please be advised that until the court closure ends the Orange County Family Court will not accept any filings except requests for Domestic Violence Restraining Orders and Requests for Order involving a serious risk to a minor.

Wilkinson & Finkbeiner, LLP will be open, operating remotely, during its normal business hours throughout the period of court closure. If you are a potential client interested in scheduling a free consultation with one of our attorneys, please contact our office at 949-955-9155.  We will arrange a telephonic appointment at a convenient time for you. If you are a current client, all legal services not involving court appearances and non-emergency court filings will proceed on its normal course.

Please understand that changes to the above procedures may occur as the coronavirus pandemic unfolds.  Wilkinson & Finkbeiner, LLP will continue to monitor its impact on the court system and advise the public accordingly.

Our office will be operating remotely and will continue to be responsive to your questions or concerns.