Online Divorce Mediation – How it Works

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startup-photosParticipating in online divorce mediation with our firm is fast, easy and effective.  In this process, you will sit down “virtually” face-to-face with our expert San Diego divorce lawyer and the other party in the comfort and convenience of the location you choose.  You will participate in the mediation process at your own pace and with the assistance of our seasoned mediators, who are very experienced family law settlement and litigation attorneys. All you need is a private place to participate, an internet connection and computer (an iPad or other tablet device also work!).

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Once you and the other party decide to participate in online divorce mediation, it is easy to begin resolving your case.  Simply choose which option you desire for mediation (the options are basic mediation services or in depth mediation services where we assist you with not only reaching amicable resolutions for each issue in your case, but we help with drafting and filing the paperwork your for divorce case).  For more information about these options and the applicable fees, click here.

The next step is to visit our instructions page to obtain some important documents such as the retainer agreement and conflict waiver, and the intake sheet.

After the retainer deposit is paid, we can schedule your mediation!  All you need to do is provide us with some dates that you and your spouse are available and we will schedule the mediation session.  We will schedule a three hour mediation session for the first meeting (although the mediation may be shorter or longer than three hours).  We will send you a confirmation of the date and time of your online mediation, which is done by sending you a link by email.  We use an online meeting tool to conduct the mediation, which will require you to download a small file to your computer.  All you need to do is follow the instructions provided.

Once you receive the link, you will want to download the program and open it to make sure your web-camera, microphone, and speakers are working properly.  We usually like to begin the mediation approximately 15 minutes early to ensure we can all see and hear each other.  For more information on the technical requirements, click here.

Once the mediation session begins, you will be able to see your spouse and your mediator on your screen.  You will also be able to “chat” by typing messages, and review documents together on the screen.

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