Online Divorce Mediation Options and Fees

Available Options:

1)  Schedule a 3-hour mediation session (Option 1 – $900)

2) Schedule full-service mediation for an additional cost (Option 2 – $2000)

3) Contact us for a variety of other options that will work with your schedule and budget


We provide a wide array of options for litigants that would like to mediate their divorce, legal separation, child custody matter, or any other family law issue.

Option 1 ($900 Deposit)

The parties simply meet with our expert divorce attorney online for their mediation session or sessions.  We simplify the process and make it easy to hire our firm to conduct your mediation, and you have a divorce expert at your disposal to try and work out a complete settlement between you and your spouse.  We will walk you through the entire process, help settle your case, and explain exactly what you need to do.

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Option 2 ($2000 Deposit)

As an alternative to the first option, we also provide “full service” mediation expertise, which includes the procedures described in Option 1 but also includes preparation of all the paperwork necessary to file a divorce or legal separation case, prepare the required disclosures, and prepare the judgment and agreement necessary to conclude your case.  The Option 2 deposit will secure 6 hours of mediator time plus additional paralegal time.  Note, however, there are certain court filing fees that are required to file for divorce or legal separation that are not included in our required deposit.  For a list of these government-mandated court fees and costs, click here.

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Option 3

We are happy to assist you in any other way, such as hourly consulting, to fit your schedule and budget.  Just contact us today and we can determine how we can help!

*Note: We reserve the right to change these rates at any time for any reason.  The above information is for informational purposes only and is not an offer to provide services.  We provide a detailed retainer agreement in every case depending on the requirements of the client which is the document you will rely on to set forth the services we are going to provide to you.