Online Divorce Mediation Benefits

Benefits of Mediating Your Divorce Online

Why choose divorce mediation?  Why choose virtual divorce mediation?  There are many benefits of mediating divorce (dissolution of marriage) cases.  Some of these important benefits include the following:

  1.  Mediation is far more cost-effective than litigation.  The average litigated divorce case will cost each party more than $10,000 in attorney fees and expenses, sometimes far more than that amount.  Mediation can be far less expensive.
  2. Mediation is the most effective and efficient way to resolve a divorce case.  In mediation, parties sit down immediately with a qualified mediator and begin working on resolution.
  3. Mediation is faster than litigation.  The average divorce case in California takes more than one year to complete due to all the budget cutbacks and difficulties obtaining hearing dates and trials.

There are also many benefits of utilizing an online mediation service to assist in your divorce case.  Our law firm offers this service and provides the following outstanding benefits:

  1. Mediating online is fast.  We can set you up with a mediation appointment in a matter of one or two days in many cases.
  2. Mediating online allows divorcing parties to sit “virtually” face-to-face with each other without having to physically sit in the same room.
  3. Online mediation is extremely easy.  All you need is a working computer and an internet connection.
  4. Online mediation allows both parties to sit in the comfort of their home or any other private area without having to drive to an attorney’s office.
  5. In most cases, if any documents need to be signed for filing with the court they can be signed electronically.

We would be happy to further discuss the benefits of mediation online for divorce.  If you have additional questions, please call our office at (877) 753-2407.  If you are ready to begin the online divorce mediation process, contact us at your convenience by email.

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