Posted on June 29th, 2015


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From time to time we like to share information about the successes that our attorneys have had in recent cases that they have been working on.  This synopsis is by no means an exhaustive list of every case we have handled.  For more information about our case samples click here and contact our office to speak with any of our attorneys about cases we have handled similar to yours.  Our firm specializes in divorce and other family law matters and that is our only area of practice, handling all types of family law cases including:

In a recent case that Hannah handled, our firm represented a husband (and father of minor children) that was served with divorce papers and a domestic violence temporary restraining order, which forced him out of the marital home.  Hannah was able to obtain a dismissal of the restraining order and custody orders that were favorable to the client.

In a recent case that Kyle litigated, we represented a client that lived out of state on the East Coast.  Her husband served her with a restraining order in the San Diego Family Court because the husband lived in the San Diego area.  The husband claimed harassment and other domestic violence.  Both parties were members of law enforcement and our client had a critically important job.  If a domestic violence restraining order was granted, the client’s career would have been in jeopardy.  The case proceeded to an evidentiary hearing, which is similar to a trial where witness testimony is taken.  Not only did Kyle obtain a dismissal of the restraining order, he convinced the court to sanction the other party more than $10,000 for his bad faith actions and conduct in the case!

Our partners, Scott and David, have recently represented several clients that are owed hundreds of thousands of dollars in child support and spousal support arrears.  In one of those cases, Scott was able to negotiate an extremely quick settlement which will provide a huge amount of cash for the client.  In another two cases, after filing for contempt and other aggressive maneuvers to force payment, our firm was able to negotiate lengthy ongoing payments from the party owing support, with security measures put into place to ensure compliance.

In another case recently handled by Scott and Justine in Riverside County, our attorneys were able to obtain an out-of-state move away for a client with a difficult opposing party.  The case went to trial and Scott and Justine did an amazing job securing a victory for the client.  In this case, the Court ordered a custody evaluation pursuant to Fam. Code 3111, which provided for a favorable recommendation for our client.  In two other recent move away cases handled by Scott and David respectively, each partner was able to win their move away trial despite a Family Code 3111 evaluation that recommended the opposite of our client’s request.  Essentially, we were able to obtain a court order from the Family Court judge that disregarded the expert’s recommendation!

In a complex case recently handled by Julia, our client was visiting his children in California from another state in the Midwest.  While in California, he was served with dissolution of marriage paperwork which included requests for child custody, support, and division of assets.  While the case is currently pending, it looks as though there will be a good resolution to the case through settlement.

Kyle also recently litigated a contested guardianship case wherein a grandmother sought custody over her grandchild, over the objection of the child’s parents.  Due to the parent’s history of drug and alcohol addiction, the grandmother had assumed the parenting role of the young child.  After two days of trial and several witnesses testifying, the judge granted the guardianship.  Grandmother now has full custody of the child while the parents continue to work on their own issues.

In yet another case after a full day of hearing before the court, Kyle obtained a favorable property judgment for a husband, saving the client thousands of dollars per year.  The husband and wife had divorced years prior.  Husband was unrepresented at the time of the divorce and entered into some agreements that he later wished he hadn’t.  Pursuant to the judgment, the husband was paying an exorbitant amount to the wife to assist with her housing costs, in addition to child support.  After drafting and filing numerous complex briefs and spending hours arguing in court, Kyle was able to reduce the husband’s obligation while concurrently maintaining his long-term interest in the real property.

David also worked with Kyle  on an interesting post-judgment case, stemming from a divorce judgment.  Our client was not represented by an attorney in the divorce and ended up signing a very poorly drafted Martial Settlement Agreement, which required the husband to pay several hundred thousand dollars against a particular mortgage (rather than to the wife).  Because of the way the agreement was drafted, the court initially said that the beneficiary of the provision was the bank, not the wife, and she may not have a claim to the money.  However, after filing a motion, researching the issue, defending the opposing counsel’s aggressive tactics, we recently were awarded a tentative decision that the money is owed to our client, a huge victory.

Our main “sample of successes” page can be accessed here, which includes links for other cases for particular attorneys in our office.

NOTE: These case examples are not indicative of success in your case.  Every case is different and you should not rely on these examples as a guarantee of success in your case, even if the fact pattern appears the same or similar.