New Online Parenting Class Available for Parents Going Through Divorce

Posted on 01/05/15 Orange County,Uncategorized

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The Judicial Council of California has added a new, free online course to its Family Change website (link to The new course, titled “Parenting After Separation,” provides three hours of content for parents going through separation and divorce. The website content addresses such issues as children’s emotional needs during separation and divorce, emotional aspects of separation and divorce, and the court process. Parents may take the full course, or may simply browse the website. Parents who complete the full course and pass the exam will receive a certificate of completion.

“Parenting After Separation” was originally developed by the Justice Education Society, which is a British Columbia non-profit organization that creates programs and resources to improve access to British Columbia’s justice system. With the help of California Judicial Council staff, Family Court Services professionals, and judicial officers, the Justice Education Society modified the program to apply to California law. The California course includes videos with children’s perspectives, an online handbook containing more information on the course content, and worksheets related to possible parenting plans, which parents may use for mediation purposes. The site also contains a video on child custody recommending counseling and mandatory child custody mediation that is available separately.

“Parenting After Separation” is only available in English, but there are current efforts to translate it into Spanish. The website can be accessed through the Families Change website at or directly at For more information or if you have a child custody issue that you need assistance with, call us today.