San Diego Family Court Services Mediation Tips & How To Deal With A Bad Recommendation

Posted on November 1st, 2010

What Is The Process For A Mediation With San Diego Family Court Services:

In any custody matter involving a child, the parents must attend a mediation with family court services.  The purpose of the San Diego family court services mediation is to work with a mediator and the other parent to develop a child custody and visitation plan.  In the event an agreement cannot be reached, the mediator will submit a written recommendation to the judge.

In every mediation, the mediator will ask questions of each parent concerning their proposed parenting plan, work schedule, and the specific issues concerning a child or children.  It is important that you are prepared for the mediation and have your list of points you want to address with the mediator concerning the child.

Our attorneys will prepare you for your mediation and ensure you have the tools and confidence to do your best at family court services mediation.

What Do I Do With A Bad Mediation Report In My San Diego Custody Case:

Despite your preparation, your family court services mediation report may be bad, unfavorable, or may not contain all of the recommendations you believe are necessary or appropriate.  If this happens, you still have many options to achieve success in your case.

Regardless of the outcome of your mediation, our attorneys will meet with you and review your family court services report with you.  Together, we will identify the mistakes, improper conclusions, and false information the mediator relied upon in writing the recommendation.  These mistakes and discrepancies are important because if the mediator’s recommendation is based on mistaken or unreliable information, then the family court judge should modify all or portions of the recommendation to reflect the true and accurate circumstances of your case.

You have many tools at your disposal to demonstrate mistakes and unreliable information contained within your mediation report.  Our attorneys will explain your options including drafting a supplemental declaration point such mistakes, conducting discovery to prove certain facts are untrue such as taking the deposition of the other party or third parties, requesting a psychological evaluation or custody evaluation with a psychologist, requesting the appointment of minor’s counsel, and/or setting the case for an evidentiary hearing or trial.

How Long Do I Have To Hire An Attorney After My Mediation:

Every parent must have no less than ten days to review the family court services mediator’s recommendation before the hearing or trial.   Despite this requirement, it is important that as soon as you are faced with a custody or visitation hearing you consult with our attorneys to prepare you for your case, for your mediation and for your hearing or trial to ensure your interests, and your children’s interests, are properly represented.