Our Office Remains Open and Fully-Operational during COVID-19 Situation

Posted on 03/25/20 Orange County,Uncategorized

While many offices are closed during this unfortunate and difficult time, Wilkinson & Finkbeiner, LLP will remain open as our attorneys and staff work remotely. 

We have extensive experience operating our law from various locations, and we have the technology to support that effort.  Our attorneys are available by phone, email, and videoconference.  Our phone system is fully operational, and we are able to meet with clients virtually, almost as if in person.  We are able to send documents for completion electronically. 

Our firm has utilized this type of technology for years as we have provided streamlined, efficient service to our clients at a reasonable cost using these tools.  While the COVID-19 Coronavirus situation is extremely unfortunate, we will remain open and immediately available to help anyone with a family law matter.    

Divorce Mediation Options

One particular area of our practice that remains vibrant and available is divorce mediation. Mediation is a particularly fast and cost-efficient way to resolve a case, and we continue to help our mediation clients using technology during this time of crisis. Importantly, Orange County family courts are closed for filing and there is a backlog of thousands of cases where litigants want to be heard once this pandemic ends. By mediating your divorce, you can expedite the process and complete your case many months, if not years, before those that wish to litigate. Click here to learn more about divorce mediation.

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