For Our Attorney Colleagues – Conflict Check Software

Posted on March 7th, 2014

Valuable Resource for Attorneys – Client Conflict Check


This article is for the many lawyer colleagues throughout the country that visit our website for useful information about family law.  There is an exceptional resource that has become recently available for attorneys to efficiently check for conflicts of interest.

Client Conflict Check provides a cloud-based, extremely fast system that allows attorneys in a law firm to instantly check for conflicts of interest when a prospective client calls their office.  Every lawyer and staff person in the firm can access the system at any time, from any location for a low yearly cost.  The system is extremely fast and intuitive, and helps attorneys avoid conflicts of interest, which can lead to disbarment or other discipline.

For a list of features that Client Conflict Check provides, click here.

For a video and announcements about Client Conflict Check’s partnerships with various state and local bar associations, click here.

*Note: Wilkinson & Finkbeiner is not associated with Client Conflict Check and does not warrant its products or services.  This blog post is informational only.