Certified Experts in Family Law

Certified Specialists in Family Law – Finding an Expert in Orange County

Certified Family Law Specialists, or CFLS for short, are experts designated by the State Bar of California for their experience and knowledge in the area of family law, which includes divorce, paternity, domestic violence, child custody, support and division of property.  There are approximately 1100 such experts across the state of California, and about 150 in Orange County.

cflsCFLS attorneys are required to provide an extensive application to qualify as an expert.  They must submit a case history showing their vast experience in family law over many years.  They must show that they have excellent moral standards, and pass a rigorous background evaluation where the Bar contacts the attorney’s colleagues (i.e. opposing counsel) and judges.  A CFLS also has to pass a difficult exam proving that he or she has the requisite experience and expertise in divorce law – and the test has an approximate 30% pass rate.

For a link to the State Bar of California’s website search option for Certified Specialists, click here.

The partners at Wilkinson & Finkbeiner, LLP are CFLS attorneys and each have over a decade of experience.  All of our attorneys have been trained for years by our partners.

Our law firm is also unique in that we apply a “team” approach to handling of every one of our cases.  Our partners help strategize and govern the direction of cases even if they are not the “lead attorney” for the case.  We also rely on our expert paralegals and other staff members to keep files organized, maintain constant communication with our clients and provide a wonderfully accessible format for our clients to get the help and expertise they need from a Certified Family Law Specialist.

Our office is located in Irvine, conveniently off the I-405 freeway.  There is plenty of parking and we provide a free, no-obligation and private consultation.  Call or email us today.